Leucadia gives customers the opportunity to prepare any kind of synthetic and mixed fabric with orthogonal construction, mono-elastic and bi-elastic. In order to perform our job to the best of our abilities, the firm is provided with three continuous preparation lines and other discontinuous preparation lines: Continuous preparation lines are constituted of::
    • An impregnation machine useful to soak cotton-mixed textile. This operation is needed to soften the products used to fix cotton yarns during warping and to allow a better cleansing of the fabric, a further advantage to the final result after dyeing, producing a much more pleasant hand feel of textile and color output. The same procedure is also useful for the “scouring” of imported synthetic fabric, where the quantity of sizing agents applied is usually higher than for local producers.
  • Two automatic continuous washing lines with a production capacity of about 40.000 meters/day (43744,5 yards/day), and can treat fabric from 60 grams/linear meters to more than 600.
We are also equipped with rope machines that can be used for the preparation to the printing of elastic and bi-elastic textile.

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