The new website of Leucadia

Leucadia has been a proficient veteran in the world of textile finishing for more than forty years. We believe the thorough study of the target of interest to be paramount in order to achieve the goal to introduce our new and improved technology to a world that is turning more and more digital. Our new website represents the main instrument to introduce ourselves, both to whom already knows about our historic brand in the world of dyeing and resin finishing and to whom might present us with their collaboration in the future. In our new website we aim to describe different work processes and the many dyeing techniques of technical and non-technical fabrics, with a brand new graphic and easier surfing methods throughout the sections of our pages. Nowadays, digital communication dictate the necessity to offer customers many different surfing systems to better access the information they need. That’s why Leucadia decided to introduce its textile treatments, from resin finishing to hydro-repelling finishing, from width dyeing to rope dyeing and the preparation of fabric destined to printing, in a way that is efficient and clear both to navigated professionals and newcomers. The matching off-line image of Leucadia will follow this operative mood, relaunching the brand in a field that is now overcoming the difficulties of the last few years and recovering its professional enthusiasm.