The importance of dye sampling on the fabric

“A set of samples is a firm’s history, and to create a collection means to have a past at the service of the present, a present in continuous evolution and a future we have yet to discover” Nino Cerruti, fashion designer and textile entrepreneur

The sampling process on fabrics destined to undergo dyeing procedures is a fundamental passage when the client needs to obtain perfect results accordingly to his expectations. Here at Leucadia we receive requests for colour development on different textile bases subjected to severer and severer values of suitability. For this reason, we flanked our laboratory, which hosts technicians with years of experience, with new machineries able to sample even the subtlest quantities of colour, on batches of 20 0r 30 meters (instead of the traditional 300 meters). Our clients will benefit greatly from this upgrade, for the sampling on smaller batches allows significant savings and gives the chance to sample the shade of choice with all its effects, without necessarily dyeing hundreds of meters of fabric. We have machines that execute precision samplings for:
  • Rope dyeing
  • Jigger dyeing
  • Beam dyeing
If you want to request a sampling, go to the designated area of the website.