Leucadia’s products: inspirations in a brand new section

Leucadia doesn’t only perform textile treatments like dyeing, resin and industrial finishing: in fact, our company has been making important investments in the creation of a line of high-performing, high-quality products. We do believe this to be the right answer to the requests of a market in need of resistant, certified, technologically advanced products, which also have to be mindful of the current trend.
We have already presented our collections in Sardinia and Sicily, a whole world of iridescent and metallic finishing, soft and rubberized hand-feel, with translucent or glittering effect, in many different colors. Now the section dedicated to our products is richer than before, and it surpasses even the traditional Clothing/Accessories Division: jackets, windbreakers, trousers, shoes, bags. Leucadia offers a product for every need.
In addition, we have developed a line of textiles treated with resin and other kinds of finishing, operations performed to transform the simple fabric into the perfect product for your apparel, as well as for many other uses, like the creation of bags and accessories. We are proud to confirm that Leucadia’s textiles are safe and guaranteed, even suitable for the contact with the delicate skin of children.
Glittery, shiny, suede effect: Leucadia’s textiles follow and anticipate the visions of high fashion. Which Leucadia’s textile will be the perfect choice for your projects?