Frankfurt Exhibition

In May 2017 the Techtextil Exhibition of Frankfurt had summoned the main businessmen of the textile world.The real core of the event was embodied by two key topics: environmental sustainability and ecologic solutions. Many technical products obtained from plants, as well as regenerated and biodegradable fibers, had been introduced. These solutions are a beacon of hope in these times of forced adaptation to restrictive parameters, and they are prospects of a significant relaunch of the technical textile sector too. This situation has a positive aspect, which is the fact that, despite the unstoppable motion towards eco-friendly products, we won’t have to give up the high standards of performance that characterize this range of products, and that not long ago were thought impossible to reach. Ultimately, Techtextil Exhibition underlined the more than relevant fact that, even during the manufacturing phase, traditional methodologies of application are maintained in all their integrity.