Antiviral and Antibacterial treatments for textiles

A new challenge faced by the textile industry against Covid19

2020 is a year of great renewal for the textile industry.
Due to the health emergency, many producers from the textile field –apparel, coating, furnishing- have matured the need to work with kinds of fabric treated to resist the build up of viruses, dirt and bacteria: in other words, safer and more hygienic textiles.
In order to tackle this requirement, Leucadia had moved well in advance, and has enriched its catalogue with two finishing treatments for sanitizing fabrics: antiviral and antibacterial, an important tool to prevent the diffusion of Covid19.

Viral-Off Finishing – Treatment with Polygiene ViralOff technology that reduces the presence of the virus on the fabric of the 99% in just 2 hours from application. Thus, it is ideal for textiles destined to the production of working attires, medical coats, textile coatings and apparel. The active principle has been tested against different kinds of viruses, and it has also been found perfectly safe for the skin, as it doesn’t interfere with its natural microbiota.

BI-OME Devan Finishing – This finishing is optimal to protect the porous surface of fabrics from the accumulation of viruses and bacteria, which could otherwise get trapped and grow exponentially to form an unsanitary environment. The treatment reduces the viral activity of more than 90% in just 2 hours, and greatly decreases the bacterial growth in 24 hours. The articles treated with this procedure will considerably facilitate cleaning and maintenance, with special attention to the environment and no irritation for the skin.
If you desire further information regarding our antiviral and antibacterial treatments, feel free to contact us: the finishing procedures can be applied on Leucadia’s products, too.