Our Virtue

Leucadia has been working in the field of fabric dyeing and finishing for almost fifty years, faithful to the quality of Made in Italy. The accuracy and care of our partners encourage us to strengthen our position as a referring point of the textile field both in Italy and abroad.

Made in Italy is more than a brand, it is the tradition of showing the highest regard towards environmental politics through the use of lawful, environmental-friendly products, and of maintaining a productive chain in respect of the laws regarding emissions.


Leucadia was born as a dyeing company concerned with the processing of basic textile, like lining and fabric destined to the clothing industry.

In time, Asian markets started to take over a large amount of production in this field, thus rendering it necessary for us to divert our know-how towards technical textile destined to both the industrial usage and accessory/footwear area.
A considerable field of interest for Leucadia is found in military supplies, a sector to which the company also lends its expertise when it comes to the manufacturing of products subjected to technical specifications.
Thanks to the partnership with a specialized facility, Leucadia is able to engage in the processing of laminate and/or coupled fabric.

Leucadia aims to continuously improve its ability in the research and development of new finishing techniques with the primary goal of incrementing the added value of our costumers’ products.

In order to do this, we are proud to state that we collaborate with leader-companies in the field of finishing processes and resins production.
These partners work alongside our lab technicians in the development of new systems able to meet modern fashion and style and to satisfy the most challenging requirements.
In this sense, we are equipped with two on-site research and development laboratories, one dedicated to the dyeing processes and the other committed to the study of finishing products and resins.
In the labs, our technicians, strong of decades of experience, work hard to constantly produce new ideas worth elaborating at the benefit of our clients.
Moreover, the most modern instruments and lab equipment are available to perform all necessary test to accept the challenges of the demanding markets in which we operate.