When we define Leucadia as a meticulous and regulations-abiding firm we are serious. The safety and sustainability of our products are not taken lightly; in fact, aside from utilizing articles that are respectful of 2006 REACH Regulations, here at Leucadia we are very deferential to the European Regulation regarding PAH, and we make sure that all our chemicals adhere as well to these regulations. PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are a class of chemicals also present in crude oil and coal derivatives. They have been classified as possible or probable carcinogenic compounds for humans, they are linked to skin damage and are known to possess developmental and reproductive toxicity. Respectful of the Regulation regarding PAHs –introduced in Germany in 2008 and acknowledged by European Commission in 2013- in our manufacturing processes we only use products which are strictly in accordance to the procedure. That’s why the textiles we process with finishing, dyeing and resin finishing are also suitable for children and newborn babies. Strollers, prams, child seats, footwear and baby accessories produced with textiles from Leucadia are assuredly respectful of PAHs regulations and we are proud to confirm that they have obtained Oeko Tex ® Certification with the addition of “Zero Formaldehyde impact” certification.