Leucadia S.p.A. has been a reference for treatments of textile dyeing and finishing for almost 50 years.

Our performances and products are “Made in Italy” one hundred percent guaranteed, a prized brand that for us means care for details and precision in textile processing, two of our company’s main goals. These virtues allowed our firm to reinforce its position in the field of technical textile ennobling.


Leucadia is a textile company dedicated to dyeing and finishing procedures that has been working in the district of Como for more than thirty years.

We are skilled in pre-treatment of materials like polyamide and polyester, in addition to width and rope dyeing of artificial fibers. Said fibers can be treated by our company in their purest form as well as mixed with natural and synthetic fibers.


Our facility has always been focused on the research and development of the best performing technical materials.

We can count on two on-site laboratories dedicated to research and development, always with the aim of providing our customers with the most advanced textile products, while at the same time maintaining the qualitative standards that represent us.



We have developed a line of textiles subjected to finishing and resin treatments, specific operations performed in order to turn the fabric into the perfect product for your articles of clothing and other items, like accessories and handbags. Leucadia’s textiles are safe and certified, guaranteed and suitable even for the contact with the sensitive skin of children.

Leucadia’s product lines originate from a recent decision: the development of high-performing, high-quality textiles destined to an evolving market that is becoming more and more aware and demanding. The creations of Leucadia see the light in our laboratories, and are available for the manufacturing of clothing and accessories. Trousers, windbreakers, shoes, bags and purses: your project starts with the cloth, and we do the rest.


On the wave of innovation and changing, Leucadia follows the most modern trends implementing efficient industrial processes, also with a considerably low time-to-market.


Leucadia is an expert in the pre-treatment of mixed synthetic fabric of various characterization, with orthogonal construction, mono-elastic and bi-elastic. We guarantee a top-notch result able to satisfy even the highest standards.


Width and rope dyeing constitute, along with padder mercerizing/oxygenation, washing systems, thermo-fixing and automatic color kitchen, one of Leucadia’s strong points.


Leucadia gives customers the chance of applying soft, hydro-repelling and antistatic products, in order to obtain a flawless form of finishing. The use of calenders allows a perfect polishing of the textile destined to the production of jackets and windbreakers, while at the same time conferring the apparel a characteristic look and pleasurable sensation to the touch.


Leucadia has developed several types of coating, from antibunching finishing and fashion finishing, to transpiring coating specific for technical sportswear and footwear.


Il servizio su piccoli lotti permette la campionatura colore su pezze di 20/30 metri invece dei classici 300 metri

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